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Homeopathic Materia Medica vol. 1

2.8 What is the meaning of identification of an Idiosyncrasy?
2.9 The great difference of the clinician from the academic doctor
2.10 Effective prescribing presupposes “healing of the healer”
2.11 Don’t become weak-willed “case takers” students or just users of
computer expert programs
2.12 The special “smell” of each idiosyncrasy
2.13 Steps for the study and identification of any idiosyncrasy
2.14 Idiosyncratic “Families”
2.15 Irritable and Nervous Idiosyncrasies
2.16 Neuro-vegetative Idiosyncrasies
2.17 Hysteric Idiosyncrasies
3.1 Mind symptoms are the most important in homeopathic diagnosis
3.2 Psoric introversion
3.3 Easily offended and upset
3.4 Psoric ideology: respect to morality and principles
3.5 The perfect victim of sycotic and syphilitic persons
3.6 Dignity over all
3.7 Conservative way of dressing
3.8 Nervous symptoms
3.9 Irascible, easily offended, but does not burst
3.10 Psoric dignity in every-day life and in raising her children