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History of modern philosophy from nicolas of cusa to the present time

not slavishly. He has not felt free to modify Professor
expositions, even in the rare cases where his own
opinions would have led
him to dissent, but minor changes have been made
wherever needed to fit the
book for the use of English-speaking students. Thus a
few alterations have
been made in dates and titles, chiefly under the English
systems and from
the latest authorities; and a few notes added in
elucidation of portions
of the text. Thus again the balance of the bibliography
has been somewhat
changed, including transfers from text to notes and
_vice versa_ and a few
omissions, besides the introduction of a number of
titles from our English
philosophical literature chosen on the plan referred to
in the preface
to the first German edition. The glossary of terms
foreign to the German
reader has been replaced by a revision and expansion of
the index, with the
analyses of the glossary as a basis. Wherever possible,
and this has been
true in all important cases, the changes have been
indicated by the usual
The translator has further rewritten Chapter XV.,
Section 3, on recent
British and American Philosophy. In this so much of the
(historical) standpoint and treatment as proved
compatible with the aim of
a manual in English has been retained, but the section
as a whole has been
rearranged and much enlarged.
The labor of translation has been lightened by the
example of previous
writers, especially of the translators of the standard
treatises of
Ueberweg and Erdmann. The thanks of the translator are