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History of modern philosophy from nicolas of cusa to the present time

Jena. In the year following the first edition of this
work he became
_Extraordinarius_ in the same university, and in 1888
_Ordinarius_ at
Erlangen, choosing the latter call in preference to an
invitation to Dorpat
as successor to Teichmüller. The chair at Erlangen he
still holds. His work
as teacher and author has been chiefly in the history of
modern philosophy.
Besides the present work and numerous minor articles, he
has published the
following: _Ueber den intelligiblen Charakter, zur
Kritik der Kantischen
Freiheitslehre_ 1879; _Grundzüge der Philosophie des
Nicolaus Cusanus_,
1880-81; and _Ueber die gegenwärtige Lage der deutschen
Philosophie_, 1890
(inaugural address at Erlangen). Since 1884-5 Professor
Falckenberg has
also been an editor of the _Zeitschrift für Philosophie
und philosophische
Kritik_, until 1888 in association with Krohn, and after
the latter's
death, alone. At present he has in hand a treatise on
Lotze for a German
series analogous to Blackwood's Philosophical Classics,
which is to be
issued under his direction. Professor Falckenberg's
general philosophical
position may be described as that of moderate idealism.
His historical
method is strictly objective, the aim being a free
reproduction of the
systems discussed, as far as possible in their original
terminology and
historical connection, and without the intrusion of
personal criticism.
The translation has been made from the second German
edition (1892),
with still later additions and corrections communicated
by the author in
manuscript. The translator has followed the original
faithfully but