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Hideaway Hospital Murders

I hope you like Hideaway Hospital Murders, and will send it to your friends.
You have permission to make copies of the eBook, print it for your own
use, and send it to anyone and everyone.
You can even add the book to your website as long as you give me credit
for writing the book, include the link to my site, and include the copyright
information. This book is protected under U.S. Copyright Law and the
Creative Commons license. For details, go to:
Thanks for reading!
Robert Burton Robinson
The small East Texas town of Coreyville is shaken by brutal murders and
kidnappings, striking too close to home for Greg Tenorly. And the only
witness is a mentally ill neighbor whose remarks are rejected by the police
statements, and later realizes that they just might contain enough clues to
point him in the direction of the killer.
But his investigation leads him into a hornet’snestofdarksecrets,old
grudges, jealousy, and greed. Now, caught in the crossfire between two
By morning, more bodies will be headed for the morgue. The only question
is whether Greg Tenorly will be among them.