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Help Me Daddy

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Published: 4 years ago

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A personal account and view on child abuse from Roy Tyrrell Senior. Country Performer, Motivator and Inspirational Speaker.

Beth Lambert

Roy, you have my utmost admiration for what you have achieved with your life to date. May all of us (survivors of abuse) have your courage to speak out and try and help others. I know that I wish I had your courage. But, for those angels that cross our paths, we would not be where we are today. May you continue to grow in strength and one day state confidently and clearly "I am finally free....."

Roy Tyrrell Senior

My most sincere thanks to the person who wrote the above critique and suggestions. Fortunately I am able to provide an adequate and hopefully acceptable explanation. Of course with the constant physical and emotional abuse throughout my life, there are still many things I am incapable of doing. Even after treatment from the finest practitioners, editing and writing flowing English is one. Algebra, logarithms, long division and reading music are all off of the radar as unsolvable puzzles. So I employed the services of an editor and a computer technician to upload the book and my YouTube address at Christmas 2011. There are many people in this world who will take you down in a second no matter what your cause or what you represent. Even speaking out against child abuse. So the book was not edited by the editor yet payment was received. The unedited disk was handed to me as completed to hand to the computer tech to upload. Much to my embarrassment the tech was a shonk also and he had no idea how to upload the content of the book. Demanding payment before he completed the work. So at least one thousand people around the world saw hopscotch of a mess!!! It has taken time to find reputable people to help me and bring them in to the team. Now all is well and we can proceed. Before we do it would be remiss of me not to explain the actual cause of using people I was not familiar with. My original people who had offered to help me are very professional and reputable people. They were frightened off helping me by two of the closest people to me in my life. These two family members of mine are perpetuators of abuse protectors and do not want to see this project of mine, breaking the child abuse cycle, successful. Nothing new!! There are many more abuse protectors in the world than there are perpetrators. That is why the abusers are so prolific. Their horror is covered up by many relatives and close friends. So I live to teach another day, we are back in business. One day, in a fair and just world of human happiness and harmony, protectors of the perpetuators of child abuse and family violence will be charged and dealt with by the law just the same as people who hide and protect all criminals.I hope you find my book more informative now it is properly presented and I look forward to visiting your part of our World in the next year or so. Thank you


I had a problem in rating this book. Reading this book is like getting a glims of a life in mental institution run by imates. Roy Tyrrell went to unbelievable length just to survive in a day to day life. And he did so admirably. I grown up in Soviet Union and lack awareness of many Australian laws. Finding out about Family law from this book was a shocking experience.My gripe isn't with the subject of the book but the autor's writing style. At first I thought that something went wrong with the downlode to my iBook, but PDF was just as bad. Punctuation made my head hurt! I was just grateful for the book being short. I read it to the last word despite it.Someone please edit it - subject of the book is really worth it!


Roy Tyrrell Senior

Roy Tyrrell Senior, Country Performer, Motivator and Inspirational Speaker.

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