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Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series

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Published: 6 years ago

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Chevalier, Chief Enforcer of his heku faction, the Equites, is sent on a mission to find why Emily, a beautiful rancher from Montana, is being plagued by blood-thirsty attacks from his kind. Her startling family history and headstrong personality sets the world of the haiku on end as their love grows and the tension between factions intensifies.

huma aziz

beautifuly created,fast paced and gripping narrative...


love this book. i started reading it and i couldnt wait to read the next page. then it ended i could wait to read the next book. it is totally awesome.

Desiree Bubb

I have read all 9 books. Loved every single one. Awesome story. I did not want to watch TV, while at work I just wanted the day to faster so I could go home and read my Heku love/ action /adventure story. Read until my eyes "blurred"

Desiree Bubb

Great Story. Loved it from start to finish


Loved the book! Great writing. Some of the more recent books I've read tend to use the same adjectives over and over and over for describing things, and this author uses a wide vocabulary to fully put you in the characters' minds. The only nit-pick I have, is when Chevelier takes Emily to his secluded forest home and he stops in Buford, the town with a population of 1. It is not Buford, CO as written, it is in WY. I live in WY, and I have been there! I think it is totally cool that such an "unknown" place was used, but for factual purposes, it isn't Colorado, but Wyoming. Really, though, amazing book, beautiful writing. I am hooked!

Opal Richards

I looove this book!!!!, its not the typical boring girl falls in love with mythical creature crap. The author portrays each character carefully so you feel as though you know each one. Awesome page turner that keeps you hooked book after book. :-)

Linda Moler

Fantastic Series... Couldn't put the books down.


BRILLIANT book trouble is you get hooked & need to read the rest of the series.


OMG Its so good it should be a movie.


I like this book! If you like twilight saga, you'll also love this book

DAvina Johnson

it needs a continuity edit but its a page turner. Great story line. Can't wait for the next one!


I really like this book and am looking forward the rest of the series


I actually read this elsewhere but was pleasantly surprised to see it here also. TM has a invented a unique and interesting species called the Heku. She's combined a lot of mythical creatures of the night and made them into a race that can easily blend with humans. The characters have amazing chemistry and I couldn't put this book down. I loved 1 and 2, but book 3, Encala, was even better and I'm now reading book 4. Book 1 has quite a bit of romance but luckily not mushy romance, not really my thing, but the books after it have a lot more action and violence. A fun read with drama, action, romance, mystery, violence, and enough humor to make it entertaining.


T.M. Nielsen

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