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Happy Cats at Home

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Published: 6 years ago

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Download this FREE e-Book for ten chapters of excellent tips and advice on cat care and training to help you and your cat live in harmony. Download it today!


LMAO MICHELE xD Well put!!! *thumbs up* lol


i suppose it is okay for people who know NOTHING about cats and want to start somewhere easy. this is not a book, it is a pamplet you pick up from the vet. good for 10 minutes of light reading.

Sara Lynn

The writer of this book is certainly not an expert on cats (or grammar). This seems to be a book of tips from someone who has maybe owned a cat, but does not have any veterinary training or physiological knowledge about cats (ie, the difference between pheromones and saliva, or the importance of a cat's scent glands). I would not recommend this to a first time cat owner. I would suggest something based on facts and proven methods instead.


Really good, if you are a new cat owner or if you have had cats forever you will find something informative and helpful here.


Nice easy read. Ten excellent cat care topics. I would recommend this ebook to anyone who has just gotten a new cat and needs to find some quick and helpful information. Practical advice about cat care basics and behaviour.


Desert Pet Sitting

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