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H.E.R.D Human Equine Relationship Development

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Published: 4 years ago

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Tamara Svencer creates a window into the world of horses and how they think and communicate so that you can interact with your horse on a deeper more understandable level. This book teaches you how to avoid and correct bad behaviors and develop a more natural bond with your horse. You will learn the basic keys to being heard and hearing what your horse is saying so that you can connect with better more consistent results. It is not just for horse trainers, this book is for all horse owners.

Tamara Svencer

I would like to thank each and every person who has taken the time to read my book H.E.R.D I hope that you find it helpful in bringing you into a more balanced, healthy and effective relationship with your horses. I love hearing your kind words too and thank each of you who have posted positive reviews! That is awesome. I encourage you to visit my website to see my other books and info I think may also be helpful. Happy trails to all of you! Please keep sharing this book, I want everyone to be able to enjoy it!


sorry to have disliked it, but the only reason is bc there is no plain txt option :/ (not that its our fault...maybe) I was hoping to download it through the plain txt, coz my internet is soo slow- i tried downloading it as regular pdf '.' , and download time said, "Greater than 12 hrs". Shook me to the core!!! o.O lol, I SOOO wish I could download this eBook :(


fantastic really great and informative

lisa bishoff

I have just started this book, however I have gotten a lot of valuable advise just within the the first few pages!!! Thanks so much, I hope this book will help improve my relationship with my mare!!! She thinks she is #1, I have been told by a"Natural Trainer" she is dangerous!!! So of course I fear her, Thanks again!! Lisa


Tamara Svencer

My name is Tamara Svencer and I wrote a book to help people better understand and communicate with their horses in a natural way that creates a strong and powerful bond that the horse respects. Eliminate pushy, bossy behavior. Stop fearing your horse and start enjoying it. Learn the basic body language of the horse and start learning how to use your body language to get better results. Tips on buying, handling, herd dynamics & horse psychology. Also covers spoiling, and aggressive horses.

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