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Guitar Trigger

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Published: 2 years ago

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Do you want to learn how to play the guitar but can’t afford years’ worth of lessons? Do you want to be good enough to actually get some recognition? Many people want to learn how to play the guitar. The problem is that most people think you need years’ worth of lessons. Not only is this incredibly time consuming but it can often end up costing thousands of dollars. Even after months of basic lessons, many people find that they still aren’t able to play entire songs, let alone write their own. What if I could show you the secret to learning guitar quickly and effectively? Imagine being able to play like a pro after only a few hours of practice. You won’t have to spend years of your life trudging through beginner lessons. You won’t have to spend thousands of hard earned dollars.


I find this book very useful. As a self-taught guitarist I'm not always pleased with the results. In these moments I am ready to quit playing. The book helped me to maintain a high level motivation to continue learning. The author explains the importance of creating my own vision of success.But this is not all. There is a mini-coaching, where I can specify my goal and ideal.Expressive illustrations create an inspiring atmosphere.


The book's description is a bit missleading, since it does not offer any advice on how to actually play a guitar. It provides rather psychological tips for developing a mindset for becoming sort of a lead guitarist, when starting from an already technically accomplished guitarist, or, in the words of the author: from good guitar player to guitar hero....


Rob Paris

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