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Guardian Core Chronicles the Great Divide

how true that would be. The first was called Justice, who was good at creating positive traits in others, like
courage and or kindness. The second was known as Mouth. He had a interesting ability to communicate with
almost any non living matter. He could talk to stars, the ground or anything made of matter. He said that to him
they all had personality. That they could tell him anything that had happened to them in thier existence. His
ability was an extension of object knowledge, which was a very difficult skill to master. The third was called
Terrestrial. He could change almost any kind of matter into another kind. Matter transference was a skill I could
do but hadn't yet mastered. In some ways it was like my form change ability. I could change myself and he could
change almost anything else. Every Guardian had to pass the same test for silver, but every Guardian had thier
own specialties they liked to do best. My three young trainees weren't silvers yet, but I hoped to help them get
We didn’t have any big war happening right now, so for that I was grateful. Not to say there wasn't always
smaller skirmishes to put out, but at least we weren't in a galactic war this time. The Mistle’s had proven
themselves very useful in helping to prevent such things. Thier numbers in this galaxy had dwindled much in the
last few years as Selar began sending them out to explore new galaxies. There were over 600 billion galaxies
known to exist, it was a big universe. Selar gave me my first mission to lead right away. When he decided to do
something, he didn't waste any time. But before I could go, he had to teach me another secret of how the universe
works. I thought that by knowing about the Int raverse, that I knew the universes biggest secret. Somehow, no
matter what I learned there was always another surprise waiting for me down the road. The best way I can explain
it is using an example of a tomato. Take a tomato and slice it into eight or so pieces. Take the middle slice out that
is what we see in our universe, which includes the billions of galaxies and everything in them. Now take a look at
the other slices. The universe contains them too. There are layers to the universe that are linked to ours. The
shaking that all the planets experienced had come from a part of the life stream that connects these layers. It
wasn't immediately apparent what the cause was but many Guardians and Mistle’s were being sent to these layers
for scouting missions.
Selar had explained that the life stream that flowed through the layers was a lot like the Jet stream and the Gulf
Stream on earth. They helped keep temperature balance. They worked like a conveyor belt redistributing heat and
cold. The life stream helped keep balance among all the connected layers of the universe. If damage happened in
one of the layers it had an effect on all the layers. You would think that such a big event, like the shaking of all
the planets would have to come from an equally big event in another layer. But that wasn't the case. Even a small
tear in the fabric of reality could cause big trouble. Each universal layer was a different size and had its own
unique set of natural laws. I was sent to a smaller layer. The unit I was to lead, I called Caldera, after the dormant
Yellowstone volcano. I had always been associated with volcanoes so I thought it would be appropriate. I got
over my fear of them long ago. For this mission Selar sent Reaper, Misteek and 1 with me. Sometimes Misteek
spent time with her children but other times she liked to go with me on missions.
This scouting mission was to an area neither one of us had been before so Misteek was excited to go. Selar didn't
let us take reapers battleship this time; he said it was needed elsewhere. Reaper gave him a mean look, but didn't
argue. Selar had a lot of patience but he didn't put up with Reaper rebelling against his authority. This didn't stop
Reaper from trying of course but he had learned most of the time when to shut up. A week ago though, Reaper
did smart off to Selar and he punished Reaper by making him a statue for the week. He could see and hear but not
move or talk. When I got close I could hear his thoughts, it was driving him crazy. He had a hard time being still
for a few minutes much less stuck as a statue for a week. To add to his punishment Selar had him moved to a
peaceful animal sanctuary. He was the center piece of a waterfall display. It was meditation spot for many.
I was the unfortunate one to have to return him to human form after the weeks end. He came out fighting. He
knew I didn't do it to him, but he wanted to hit somebody, anybody. I let him hit me a few times. I turned into
rock and let him punch away. After pummeling my rock body to dust, he calmed down, a little. I just reformed. I
still remember our first fight when he did something similar. This time around I was powerful enough it didn’t
hurt me. Now he was calmer but still livid. I came bearing gifts to calm him down. I brought him two new swords
that I had picked up recently on an ancient world. He saw them and changed moods right away.