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Guardian Core Chronicles Time after Time

It answers the well-known grandfather paradox. Let’s say you go back in time and kill your grandfather before you
were born. When you return home to the future, then the past you created never happened and you never actually killed
him. Even to take me out of my time, Master Selar had to essentially kill me, pull me out of the fabric of my time and
integrate me into the fabric of his time. When he made me young again I did n't realize he had done all that. The whole
thing gave me a headache but somehow Master Selar seemed to understand it.
If this system of checks and balances did not exist someone would eventually do something st upid and mess up the
whole timeline for everyone. We can exist because time keeps itself in balance. We didn't know what was going on, but
it was obviously something big. Argyle tried signaling Master Selar again but there was no response. “I suggest”
Argyle began “We go back to 1985, five minutes before we got fired upon and wait while cloaked. See who our
attacker is and if they had anything to do with this.” We did just that. When we arrived it looked identical to the future,
it was just a barren landscape. “We left this a few minutes ago, why is it different?” Reaper asked. “I’m not sure.” I told
him. Matt was silent for the moment. Then he reminded me that since the timeline was altered here, that a new alternate
future had been created too. We began taking small jumps back in time a few years at a time until we reached the
critical place where the disaster struck.
We had made our way back to year 1498 on earth which is current time at school. We flew the pod high into the
atmosphere so we could see what was going on. All the super volcanoes and nearly every normal sized volcano were
erupting at once. There were around fifteen hundred regular volcanoes on earth and eight known super volcanoes. Just
one super volcano could cause world wide disaster, much less all of them. Argyle and Reaper stared at me, and shook
thier heads. “Don’t say it, just don't say it.” I moaned. But Reaper said it anyway “What is it with you and volcanoes. I
can’t even take you on vacation without a disaster.” “This is obviously a created disaster.” Argyle said. O nce again we
tried to contact Master Selar but had no response. We took the pod and headed back toward the school, it took six
hours, so we had plenty of time to contemplate. “How come the Guardians didn't prevent this?” I asked out loud.
Argyle looked thoughtful but didn't respond. I could only think of one likely possibility, but I hoped it wasn't the case.
When we approached Selar's planet, which was now named Celestas we were in for another shock. Master Selar's
palace ship and the school weren't there. “Where could they have gone too?" Reaper asked. Even Argyle looked
confused “Not only is the ship gone, but there's no evidence of all the Terraforming on the planet.” Argyle commented.
The mining project had almost been finished. Within the next few years the filling of the ocean, would begin but it’s
wasn’t there anymore. In fact the planet no longer had any atmosphere. After some discussion we decided to check out
a few other planets. Planetary guardian Neru was just a short distance away. After a day of surprises, we still had
another one to come. The planet was being controlled by a militaristic empire. This planet used to be mostly
agricultural. Also the Monitor didn't pick up any Guardian energy in the area. There was a deep space communications
relay station just a short distance from our location. We tied in and pulled up a diagram showing all the Guardian
protected planets. If the information was right, there were no Guardians left in this galaxy. I asked Matt if he could
sense if one of the prime matrix's still existed. If there was one left it wasn't close enough to sense. After a second
round of discussion we decided to go back to earth and see if we can set things right.
We returned to earth and watched in sad remorse the volcanic destruction taking place. “I swear if I live long enough to
become a planetary Guardian, I'm asking for an ice planet.” I said to no one in particular. Argyle looked at me with
amusement. “That’s assuming we figure out this cause, track down the perpetrator, reset the time line, and you make it
to planetary status with your sanity intact.” Argyle always seemed to get straight to the heart of a matter. But he was
right. Reaper had to chime in too “Yeah and I know of a planet with ice volcanos” Reaper really knew how to cheer me
up. Reaper asked “Ok now what?” I thought on it a moment and said “We go back a little at a time and see if we can
catch whoever is setting this off.” We adjusted the transport pod to a backwards slide and watched the disaster in
reverse. It was like something out of a B rated Sci- fi movie. We went back and forth several times scanning, and
discovered some kind of powerful explosion went off near the core of the earth just moments before everything went
crazy. A few more cycles and we had the time and place narrowed down. The same fighter that fired on us before was
on the ground near the opening of K ilauea. It was a volcano on the main Hawaiian island. We saw a man dressed in
black. He had a large torpedo shaped object. Most likely that was our bomb. It made sense that he would use an already
active volcano to send a weapon to the core.