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Guardian Core Chronicles Time after Time

Reaper signed autographs and several store keepers gave him free stuff, shortly thereafter the police arrived to control
the crowds. We must have been in the mall for eight hours that first day. Most of that time Reaper was trying on new
clothes. Etan called him a diva. Etan and I opted for Hawaiian shirts and blue jeans, and tried not to be noticed at all.
Each meal Etan showed us various popular human foods. Italian turned out to be my favorite, and Mexican was
Reapers choice. Etan had a good laugh when he introduced Reaper to hot peppers and dared him not to drink water for
five minutes thereafter. He was sweating and obviously in pain, but he made it. After which he drank plenty of water
then went back for more peppers.
Usually the only emotions Reaper shows are anger or agitation. But today he was like a kid on his birthday. By the
third day, the pod was full of his clothes and stocked with junk food. Reaper bought six dozen doughnuts to bring back
with us. We even visited a zoo. Reaper was bored until got to the reptile area. We showed him the poisonous snakes, he
perked up after that. Out last stop was a wrestling competition. We showed up, got our seats and Etan left to go get
popcorn and drinks for us. I specifically asked Reaper to keep a low profile. Unfortunately, the place made an
announcement that they were inviting anyone from the audience to try to make it two whole minutes with the
champion. Reaper was the first in line to fight the champ. I'm sure he intimidated his way to the front of the line
By the time Etan got back, Reaper not only made the two minutes, but was back in his seat holding the trophy and prize
money. He gave away the prize money to a child close by, but held the trophy as if it were made of gold. Etan walked
back in, looked at Reaper and asked “And who did you steal that from?” Reaper smiled and said “I didn't steal it; I won
it by pinning the champ. Are there any other competitions, I can dominate?” The champ stomped out of the arena,
either out of anger or embarrassment. Etan had just spent thirty dollars on the popcorn and drinks, and Reaper ruins the
whole show. Reaper had a look of reflection then asked Etan “Your planet’s had thousands of years of constant wars.
You’ve got N inja's, Samurais, Knights, Wrestlers, and Chuck Norris. So how did you get to be such a pacifist?” Etan
chuckled and said “I’m not a pacifist; I'm a guardian in training.” “Ahhh, same thing” Reaper said back. In spite of
Reaper taking center stage at the match we had a great week. It was good to have real friends again. The last time I had
called someone a friend, he rejected everything I taught him and started an empire. Master Selar signaled us that he
would pick us up when we were ready. As we secured everything in the pod Reaper was planning our next trip. “Next
time, let’s go the medieval times. And also there's this guy named Attila the Hun, I bet I can beat him.” I shook my
head at him and told Etan “It seems Reaper has had too much sugar.”
Time for a change
Etan’s comments
There was a sudden jolt to the pod. We had been hit. I peered outside see what's going on, as another blast rocked the
small transport pod. Floating in front of us was a small space fighter blasting away. Reaper hopped in the pilot’s seat
and took off. We got hit by third blast as he activated the time field. When we materialized, everything had changed.
We saw a barren land of rock and ash. “How far back did you take us?” I asked. Reaper looked very confused “I
jumped us a few years ahead of where we were, just enough to get away from the fighter.” Argyle confirmed “We were
in 1985, now we are in 1989.” I was horrified. Could we have changed time? “Did we do this?” I asked. “Don't blame
me” Reaper said “All I did is beat some guy’s butt. I don't see how that could destroy a whole city, though if it did that
would be cool.” Argyle explained “It’s not just this one city; the whole planet had been wiped out. Look here on the
monitor and see for yourself.” The whole earth was a barren landscape of rock and ash. Even the oceans were gone. I
asked again “could we have done something to cause this?” “No” Argyle said “I don't think so.”
Matt reminded me of a few things Master Selar taught us. It was about the true nature of time. Everything in the
universe has checks and balances, even time. You might think that by going back in time and doing a specific action
you are changing time. But time is like a rubber band it stretches and then pulls back. Trying to make a change in time
is like dipping an object in a bowl of water. While the object is submerged the water c hanges volume and shape, but
when the object is taken out, then it returns to its former state. It takes a lot to actually change time permanently. It’s
possible but difficult. With most changes whatever you do when you leave goes back to the way it was before you
came. But a fe w things can be integrated into history itself. So you become part of what was supposed to happen
anyway. So either you are bounced out of the fabric of history or you become part of the thread.