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Guardian Core Chronicles: Homeworld

Dark swarm report
1000 agents are on their way to targets, and receiving agents already in place for hand off. Guardian targets on a list
must be kept under watch at all times. Silent agents are not to engage delivery agents unless otherwise ordered to.
Argaria part one
A few days later, the whole school had a big surprise. Master Selar set the palace ship to lift off from the planet. The
last time this happened I had been busy with coordinating events of the disaster, so I didn't get to enjoy the experience.
The anti- grav kicked in and the whole palace lifted straight up. O nce we got to orbit we continued forward at a slow
place while the ship built up the necessary power to do a hyper jump. A few minutes later we jumped into hyper space,
and cruised for the next three hours. When we existed we were at the Argarian home world. I hadn't had a chance to see
it up till now, with all the crazy events happening in the last three years.
Every fifty years, the home world has a home coming for all Argarians. I was reborn as an Argarian when Master Selar
made me young again so this was my home now too. Originally the homeworld was an actual planet. But it had gotten
destroyed by a powerful enemy. The first Guardian had seen this coming many centuries before and led the people to
build a constructed home world. It was a large hollow sphere about the size of Jupiter. It had an outer shell and an inner
shell. The outside of outer shell was shiny and reflective like a huge mirror in space. In between both shells were
factories, cargo bays and most of machines that run it. The outer shell was made of solid Neutronium which creates its
own gravity. Neutronium is strong and is almost impossible to destroy. It takes Guardian energy or high level tech to
affect it at all. Under neither the ground of the inner shell is two separate water systems that connect the whole planet.
The first transports water to all areas of the planet and the other mixes all bio-waste and redistributes it to up into the
soil for re-absorption. They don't need trash collectors. There are small dump holes in every house and business for all
bio-waste including unused food.
The living section was in the inner most shell. It has the same approximate habitation as around 1000 earth like planets.
It has oceans, forests, deserts, wetlands, grasslands and mountains. Everything you would see on a normal planet,
except volcanoes. Yep I'm definitely going to like this place. The Argarians have even collected thousands of species of
plants and animals that were on the verge of extinction, including a few from earth. I hoped they had some dinosaurs
somewhere. As we approached the perimeter a huge outer door opened. The palace ship glided through. The space
between the shells contained structural braces. They were similar in style to a bee's honeycomb. A great many cargo
and trade vessels zipped back and forth like buzzing flies. As the inner door opened I couldn't take my eyes off the
window. It was like a planet had been turned inside out. It was similar to the concept of a Dysons sphere. In the middle
of the shell was something that looked like a miniature sun. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since the Guardians had the
best tech available from thousands of galaxies. The deserts contained crystalline technology that used heat and light to
grow and absorb power for houses and other buildings. Some of the crystalline structures towered hundreds of feet
high. The light shimmering from them made them glow like enormous light houses.
The swampy areas on the other hand had bio tech that grew like trees. When a person needed to expand a house or
building they would put a chemical on the chosen wall inducing the plant to swell and a new room could be completely
grown within a few weeks depending on size. There was no pollution and the cities weren't over crowded. Even the
capital had trees and shrubbery spread throughout the landscape. This was a stark contrast to earth’s big cities. Every
area had tech that matched the conditions of the terrain. The Argarians believed in living in harmony with nature not
destroying it. Since there was so much room to go around even with billons of inhabitants on the planet there was no
fight over land space. I couldn't imagine a more perfect society. There was a large field outside the capital city that was
prepared for the palace ship. When we landed and I went outside and saw something I hadn't noticed before. Floating in
the sky above us was colored crystalline structures. It gave certain places a rainbow like glow. I guessed they were
probably cargo depots or some kind of trade exchange, because there was a never ending chain of small vessels going
to and from them.