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Guardian Core Chronicles: Homeworld

Etans comments
Immediately I felt a sense of dread. I didn't think anyone would mind me helping the new students. I said “I’m sorry if
you are displeased. What was wrong with me helping them?” I didn't know how much trouble I would be in this time.
“An apology does not answer my question, I want a straight answer." he said. “I was trying to help them. I had a hunch
what their problem was. I thought I could help.” I explained. “Do you think Master Leo some how lost his ability?
Maybe you think he doesn't know how to teach anymore?” “No master Selar, not at all. He is very competent.”
His expression was impossible to read. “Did you not stop to consider that maybe he was le tting them struggle through it
for a reason? The experience might be necessary for thier growth? I didn't change you back from a girl did I? Yo u had
to learn from it yourself, and because of it you became stronger.” True I thought, but I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't
for Alesea. “Master, Alesea helped me, I wanted to do the same for someone else.” He still hadn't showed any
expression at all. “Go, we will continue this conversation at a later time.” he said. I quickly got out of there and went to
my room. I asked Matt, what was going on. He responded “I am not allowed to discuss this situation with you. Master
Selar will discuss whatever details he sees fit when he chooses too.”
The next day neither 1, Alsea nor Master Leo would talk to me. After school I was told by 1 that I was to stay in the
dorms rooms for now. I also wasn’t allowed to become a girl and spend time with my friends. This was awful. No one
would tell me what I did wrong here. Master Selar wouldn’t talk to me and I was alone. Even Reaper was gone on a
mission for the next week or two. I was sitting alone after school on the edge of the pit that would become the ocean.
On the opposite end of the huge gulf it was being filled. A first year trainee came up to me and sat down. It wasn't one
of the ones I had helped before. “Hey Etan, what's up?” I smiled politely and said “Just thinking and you.” He nodded.
“Yeah me too. I haven't been able to get any of my powers to work. If I can’t them soon, I don't know what I'm going
to do.” We sat there quietly for a moment then I realized I didn’t even know his name. He said he was called Son-orc.I
wanted to help him, but I had no desire to get in more trouble. So I told him. “I wish I could help, but Master Selar is
angry at me for helping the others.” He looked at me curiously “Why would he get mad about that?” I shook my head
“I really don't know, I wo uld think He would be happy for me to help them, Guardian brotherhood and such.”
“That’s a bummer, what you going to do now?” Son-orc asked. “I’m not really sure, I guess I don't have any choice but
to wait it out and see what master Selar tells me.” He looked just as depressed as me “If I can’t get a breakthrough by
the end of the week, I'm going back home.” I put my hand on his shoulder “Tell you what, tomorrow lets go ask Master
Leo's permission if he will allow me to help you. I know I could.” He looked at me confused “Didn’t you just say you
got in trouble for helping some other students.” Then it hit me what could have been the problem. “Yes, but it may
have been because I did it without permission. Now we will ask permission.” I told him, but then I changed my mind. I
felt a surge of stubbornness come on. “You know what, trouble be danged. I'm going to help you anyway, because it’s
the right thing to do. How about I stand here and practice the moves and you can watch me. There’s no rule against
watching another student practice.” For the next hour I demonstrated the exercises and helped him focus. By the time I
finished he had the shield down pat. I felt good, but also afraid.
When we were done and he was ready to go he said “Master Selar is probably going to be angry with you.” I nodded
slowly “You’re probably right, but I'm still glad I helped you.” He shook my hand and thanked me. “A week later I saw
Son-orc again. This time he asked me to show him a form change move. “I don't think I should do that. Master Leo has
not gone over that with you. All I did before was help you a little with what you already knew.” I said. “Did you get
more trouble for that?” I shook my head and told him “No not yet. But the strange thing the first time he didn't actually
say not to help. He just asked me why I did it, and then made a comment about Master Leo. In the past he made it clear
what he did and didn't want me to do. The fact that he is being unclear here is very odd.” He looked just as confused as
me “What do you think it means?” I shrugged “The only thing I can think of is it's some kind of test, because Matt
won’t talk to me either.” He nodded and seemed to agree. “The only thing I can do is to wait for Master Selar to tell me
what he wants. He probably has a reason for all this; I just don't know what it is yet.” We continued to chat for while; it
was good to have someone to talk to anyway.