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Guardian Core Chronicles: Homeworld

Guardian Core Chronicles
Prologue by Matt
Hi and welcome back. Well we’ve got another crazy adventure for you. This time Etan gets kicked out of the core,
Argaria becomes desolate and a mysterious new enemy arises. And you thought your job was tough.
Selar's report
There is a problem with Etan. The future timelines I once saw for him have recently changed.
The winds of change
Etans comments
I started out the year trying to become air. Master Leo told me that it would be the hardest of all the elemental changes
to make. You have to build enough energy to disintegrate your body, but keep it from drifting to far apart. It takes a lot
of focus to maintain form as any type of gas. He told me until I had it down, not to try it unless he was there to help or I
could easily dissipate myself. Having learned from the fire incident I didn't try my whole body at once. Instead I just
changed my hand into air, which turned out to be a good thing because my hand exploded. I concentrated on my atoms,
using my light energy to cause them to lose cohesion. But then the light energy built up to much pressure and it
exploded. I over did it just a bit. I was more in shock than anything else. Master Leo rushed over to heal me but I told
him I wanted to do it myself. Even after it was healed I was still shaking a little. It took two more weeks of practice to
get a stable change.
One time I got stuck as a gas but Master Leo was there to change me back. I'm glad this wasn't like when I got stuck as
water. The feeling of being air was similar to the feeling of being water. As air I could feel people’s breath and even
see the currents of wind. Being air was fun but it took lot more concentration than water. Master Leo advised me to
spin as fast as I could to make a dust devil but then I got dizzy in the process.
Master Leo's comments
Once Etan learned to keep his consciousness in the middle of his funnel and let his body spin around he picked up
speed and power. A week later he could become a full blown tornado. Two months later he had also leaned to become
smoke and stun gas. In his extra time he practiced a few more animal skills like night vision, sonic hearing, acid
spitting, venom, poison and environment camouflage. He is advancing quite rapidly.
At the four month mark Etan began practicing basic mental abilities. He already knew how to read most humanoids
minds. But now he would learn to how to affect thier emotions. Mia and Samaria gladly volunteered themselves for
him to practice that skill. After two weeks practice he could make them happy, sad, afraid, or even calm. He tried
telekinetic but was unable to grasp the link. After classes in the fifth month Etan was practicing in the gym when three
first year Guardian tranee's came in. They were still trying to learn a basic shield. That skill hadn’t been diffucult for
Etan to learn since he was familiar with how the earth’s magnetic field worked. He pulled out his computer pad and
showed them how a planets magnetic field operated. He explained how it was similar to a regular magnet. This seemed
to help and within a few minutes they all had a basic shield. It made him feel good to return the favor to others. Later
that evening Master Selar said he wanted to talk to him about something. “Why did you take it on yourself to teach the
first year trainee's” Selar asked in serious tone.