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Guardian Core Chronicles Death Becomes Me

The events were: wrestling, running, jumping, swimming, rock climbing, and pie eating just to name a few. All
in all, there were over a hundred different contests being put on. I planned to enter them all. That was my only
stipulation for going. I was going to compete and that's, that. I took on the 100 yard dash and out flanked
everyone. I won some kind of cheap gold medal. I got cheers and applause for my performance. Then I got awe
and shock when I won the swimming contest too. But, humans must get jealous easily, because after I had won
the 5th contest. I was told by some guards, that I needed to leave the premises. They accused me of using
something called performance enhancing drugs to win. O f all the nerve, like I need drugs to be great, if he only
knew who I really was. But, I had given my word I would not revel my true identity or power on this trip. I
might have done it anyway, except I knew Selar would be watching me, Dang it.
Except for a few times like that, the last five years have been pretty good, I must say. I was in the back while
Andrea was preparing dinner. I was trying to teach Luminous to use a child sized battle ax. It's never too early
to learn the basics you know. I had gotten him to lunge the battle ax at targets with accuracy. He hit all 10, dead
on. Hmm with a little practice and a lot of threats, I mean encouragement I might turn this Argarian pacifist into
a killer after all. I was just about to show my son the importance of blade sharpness when the fake me walked
back into my life.
What a surprise.
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I was making our Thursday night favorite, beef fajitas, when the old Reaper walked in. I didn't even know it
was him for a minute. I had just got through sautéing the steak meat when I turned around and he was standing
there with a silly grin on his face. I looked back and said “Dear, I need another yellow onion from the pantry.”
He looked confused. “I’ve been gone for five years and that's all you've got to say to me?” I was stunned. I
started to say what you are talking about. I mean after all he looks exactly like the man I have been married to
for the last five years. Then it dawned on me. O h no! He's back. I stopped what I was doing, and told him to
leave. “Look I've had a great life for the last five years since you have been gone. Drax and I are happy. I don't
need you. You obviously didn't want me, and that's why you left. Just go and don't come back.” I was feeling
hurt all over again. I had spent many hours being depressed over the fact that he would rather die or run away
than be married to me.
Before Reaper could answer, Drax walked in with Luminous. “Honey, guess what our son can do now. He is
good at throwing batt...” He paused, mid sentence when he saw the other Reaper. “Oh I see the fake me is
back.” Reaper immediately puffed up “Fake, You’re the fake. I'm the original, or should I say the only Reaper.
Where did you come from?” Reaper asked. Drax explained how Etan had made him from Reapers toe. Drax
strolled up to him in a relaxed manner, and then circled him like a vulture.”You’re out of date. You’re obsolete.
I'm the better model. Since you've been gone performance reviews, on the ship are up over 30 percent. When
you were captain, you had to force people to join your crew, but now I have people waiting in line to join. The
Guardians are very pleased with my work.” Reaper shrugged and said “Why do I care what those want to be
god’s think?”
Drax was calm and playing it cool the whole time. He never let his temper get to him. I was so pro ud. “That’s
your problem. You don't care about anything or anyone but yourself. Now I see how empty that really is.” Drax
stated. “You little faker, I'll kill you. I’ll gut you and hang your head on my wall for a trophy.” Reaper was
steaming. His face was red and his hands shaking. Drax continued “I’ve grown past you. You’re extinct now.
Whatever hole you have been hiding in, for the last five years, go crawl back in it, and stay there.” Reaper
powered up, and suddenly there was a flash of light and Etan appeared. Etan looked his usual tranquil self. He
has certainly changed over the years. When I first meet him, he was a nervous wreck, now he was getting to be
more like Selar all the time. “I thought I felt your presence here.” Etan stated. Reaper suddenly changed moods,
he looked at Etan and said “Buddy good to see you, tell these two idiots that I am the real Reaper. That fake has
got to go. I want my battleship back and him gone.” Reaper stated with confidence.