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Grand Vision

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Published: 2 years ago

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A fast moving Suspense novel with a new Political concept of TRUE DEMOCRACY and a sweet Romance story loved by all the ladies. This novel shows how we, THE PEOPLE, should and CAN CONTROL OUR GOVERNMENTS, and get rid of our bad adversarial 2 Party Political system.

Michael Cole

An absolutely great book which tells HOW and WHY we, the people, should be in CONTROL of what our governments do. They are supposed to represent US but once in power they forget about us and just do what THEY want done, irrespective of the fact that they are supposed to represent us, THE PEOPLE who put them into office. WE have GOT TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM AND THIS NOVEL GRAND VISION TELLS US HOW. Lets take the necessary actions NOW to start the ball rolling.


Michael Cole

Trying, through my novel, to stimulate constituents to press for True Democracy in Governments by forming an Independents Party to find the wishes of the majority and to implement these wishes.

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