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Google Snatch Report

a) Search Engine Lies 5
b) Search Engine ‘Optimization’ Craze 6
a) Amazing Invention 12
b) Mortal Kombat 13
Getting Started
a) Don’t Leave The Yellow Brick Road 15
b) The BIG Secrets About Search Engine Optimization 17
c) World’s BEST Underground Sandbox Strategy 19
Part 1: SEO Myths – Glass Of SEO Shaken Not Stirred
a) SEO - The Chosen One 20
b) Keyword Research – The Fascinating Truth 22
c) Keyword/Phrase Variations – The Back Door Strategy 25
d) Keyword Density – End Of Days! 28
e) Site Structure – eBay Blast 29
Part 2: Optimization – The Real Million Dollar Rolodex
a) Internal & External Linking 43
b) Myth About Back Links 43
c) Linking Nightmares 43
d) Overcome Link Madness 45
Part 3: Content – The Next Generation
a) Content For Your Website 55
b) Absolute Theory To What To Write? 56
c) Billion Of Information Pages 59
d) Article Directory Myth Uncovered! 66
e) Simple Article Directory Rules 71
f) Article Powering Your Ranks 72
g) Site Directory Submission 73
Method 1 – Mini Sites On Steroids
a) Introduction 75
b) Keywords (example included) 76
c) Site Structure (example included) 77
d) Site Submission (including examples) 82
e) Content Creation (including examples) 83
f) Article Submission 88
g) Mini-Site Creation Blueprint 89
h) Mini-Site Creation Flowchart 91
i) Quick Click Bank Action Plan (affiliate products) 92