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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Goblins & Vikings in America: Episode 1

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Published: 1 year ago

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Five hundred years before Columbus, the Vikings discovered North America. That much is known. What they found there was not -- until now. Goblins & Vikings in America is the epic saga of Dvalinn the Riverraider and his quest to find his son, Framarr; a quest that will take him and his ragtag companions (escaping the law, thralldom, and the impossibility of love) to the very edges of the known world, and beyond: to a land of exotic civilizations, ancient mystery, and unprecedented danger. To survive, they will have to work together. To succeed, they must do nothing less than change the course of history... Episode 1: "Fatherland"


Norman Crane

I live in Canada. I write books. When I’m not writing, I read. I’m also a historian, a coffee drinker and a cinephile. My first novel, A Paunch Full of Pesos, is a spaghetti western and I’m currently working on a historical fantasy about goblins and vikings in North America. Graham Greene, Philip K. Dick, George Orwell and Haruki Murakami are some of my favourite authors. I’ve been known to steal words and stash them in my pockets. I believe disinterest is a valid political opinion.

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