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“Help! Heeelllp! Hâ€"” Another voice cut off. Mehdi moved toward the stairs, his own laser rifle a imed. He
moved quickly, c limb ing over two dead bodies, and taking a place at the rear of the line of the soldiers as they were
getting up from being knocked on their asses. But they had their own weapons aimed, and Mehdi made his way up
the stairs behind them.
Her na me was Sherri, and she watched helplessly as the little boy yanked the laser rifle her fe llow soldier
was holding away, kic ked him into the corridor wall, aimed the man‟s own weapon back at him and fired. This
seemed to happen in a split second, and before Sherri could aim her own weapon and take a shot, the boy was gone,
having dashed into the nearest room. The bedroo m door shot shut with a h iss. Sherri moved toward the door with
her laser-rifle a imed, her breathing shallow, and her heart ra mming hard inside of her chest. She could sense other
soldiers right behind her, soldiers with their own weapons aimed. And she could sense that most of th em shared her
fear. Sherri pointed her weapon at the door, then held three fingers up for the soldiers behind her. She ticked off one
finger, then a second, then a thirdâ€"
Sherri tapped the necessary screen to the side of the door and it shot open, revealing an empty room.
Mehdi, now at the top of his stairs, pushed his way past Sherri and looked inside the room. He moved quickly
toward an open window, and Sherri felt instantly embarrassed that she hadn‟t noticed it first.
“Dammit! Downstairs men! Noâ€"”
She heard the door downstairs open, and wondered who could‟ve been coming back into the house.
Who do you think , a voice in her head screamed out. The boy! Who else?
But why? Why would it be theâ€"
She followed Mehdi and the other soldiers back down the sta irs, now the last in line. She kept the butt of
her weapon against her shoulder. Fro m the back of the line and at the top of the stairs she could see the open door,
and watched as the soldier at the bottom of the stairs and the front of the line, attempted to aim his weapon and fire
at the boy. The boy, holding a laser-rifle of his own now managed to get off a shot first, and connected directly with
the center of the man‟s forehead. A hole the size of a tennis ball blew open the back of his head, and blood splashed
the first three soldiers behind him. The soldier leaned forward, a ll life gone fro m his body, and tumbled down the
stairs. The soldiers behind him scra mbled to get over him, some firing at the boy from the risers. The boy managed
to dodge their shots by dropping his weapon, leaping forwa rd, and rolling on the floor and toward the living room.
“He‟s going for the case!” the soldier at the front of the line bellowed. “He’s going for the case!”
Mehdi shrieked at his male and female troops. “STOP HIM! FUCKING STOP HIM!”
The soldiers with a clear enough aim pointed their weapons and fired, and Mehdi watched the boy dash
forwa rd, the bright, red lasers trailing him like dust as he ducked his head, leapt, and launched his tiny body through
the glass enclosing the Pulse-Ray shotgun like a torpedo. Glass shattered and flew everywhere, lasers continued to
zip at him, and in a quick, mid-air, acrobatic movement, one that could‟ve been missed with a blink, the boy grabbed
the Pulse-Ray shotgun. Then he landed, the Pulse-Ray shotgun in his thin, brown a rms. The move was unbelievable,
and something Mehdi believed him or any soldier he‟d ever known would‟ve never been able to duplicate, even if
given a ten thousand tries. The soldiers ran up behind him, and the boy pivoted with a speed that was uncanny and
flu id, and down on one knee, the butt of the massive weapon jammed against his shoulder, fired. Mehdi tried to
warn his soldiers to turn the other way
But it was too late. A red bea m as thic k as a pilla r tore out of the barre l with a deafen ing whistle, and ripped
apart the door and the three soldiers in front of it. They flew out of the house, arms and legs detached, their limbs
and torsos bouncing off the end of the walk, and rolling into the street before ultimate ly coming to a stop, what was
left of them dead and afla me. Mehdi turned around and charged back up the stairs, and before all the other men
could head after him, the boy pivoted with a second lighting quick motion, and fired upon the m. A hole was blown
through the side of the house, and several screaming soldiers went through it, their bodies landing aflame and in
pieces in the neighbor‟s yard. The soldiers the boy didn‟t catch, switched direction and ran down the stairs and at the
giant hole newly blasted into the front of the house. With his eyes glowing red, and h is face taut and emot ionless, he
pulled back again, the recoil barely nudging his body back as he sent another four soldiers soaring backwards, their
bodies incinerating and dying in mida ir. They landed in random spots on the street, lighting outside like additional
street lamps. The boy stepped out the front door, the massive weapon held steadily in h is arms.