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Gli ders
In 2150 much of the new world is made up of platforms that hover thousands of feet above the sea. The
closest thing to land that this world consists of is a number of massive black cliffs that jut up from various areas of
the water like giant fingers, and caves have been claimed to dwell within these structures. If you happen to visit or
live on a platform that is low enough you can see them—some of the platforms that are nearest to the cliffs serve as
tourist destinations—otherwise your view would be obscured by clouds or ocean mist, more like ly the latter.
Platforms hover at different levels and depending on the height a breathing mask may or may not be
necessary. Some of the citizens ma ke their way around the world by copters, what is pretty much a mini helicopter
suitable for up to six people. However, most of the citizens, thirteen and up, get around by motorized gliders. These
are the most common tools people use to make their routine commutes, fro m students to parents, from worke rs to
politic ians.
One such platform, five levels up fro m the sea, is a giant square and extends ten miles in each direction—
one of the smaller p latforms for ce rtain—the border of each end watched closely by carefully placed automaton
guards, there for the purpose of ma king sure no one leaves without the proper gear. Julius125, is the name of this
particular platfo rm and is one of the many spots that the eighteen to twenty year old crowd show up at. Though no
age limit has been imple mented on this platfo rm, anyone that shows up on the platform younger than seventeen is
told to leave, usually by the leader of some random clique.
It was a cloudy day when one such random clique showed up on the platform, all dressed in red or blue
self-cooling and self-warming uniforms. Th is group consisted of five people, three of them students at the local
high school located half a mile down on the fourth leve l up.
“I’m looking forward to this film,” said a Hispanic male with dark, short cut hair. His name was Carlo. He
unlatched himself fro m his glider harness and locked it up at the nearby glider stand—a quick hit of the switch and
the glider was instantly incased inside of a ta mper-proof g lass tube. The re ma ining four d id the same.
“You got the drink, right,” Maxis said. He was a black boy, with lo w, cu rly b lack hair. He wore one of the
blue uniforms, and was looking down at his phone as he spoke.
“You know it,” Carlo said, holding up a red backpack for the group to see. He slung the backpack over his
shoulder. “We get caught with this shit though and we’re going to have issues man. You know what Maxis, since
you wanted it so bad you should hold it.”
“Give it to Alexis,” Maxis said. “Security’s not going to try to check a girl.”
“Yeah, until it’s already too late to do anything,” a black haired, pale skinned Hispanic said, stepping away
from the glider stand. “What the hell you going to do then, huh?”
Ale xis strolled over and smacked Ma xis on the back of the head with one hand. Maxis shoved her away
and she shoved him bac k. This was the way that they had treated each other forever, and Ca rlo was the only one out
the five of the m that found it childish.
Carlo looked at the twins, both blonde haired and blue eyed boys, and waved to them to hurry up.
“Come on,” he shouted at them, his hands cupped to his mouth. “I want to hurry up and do this movie.
You pretty boys going to mess all this shit up.”
“Sorry Carlo,” one of the twins said. He spoke in a heavy Russian accent. “What movie is it we going to
see again?”
“Tripoli, Steven. With Lena DeCaprio. I told you this.”
“Yeah, Tripoli. The one with Leo DeCaprio’s great, great, granddaughter.”
“Leo DeCaprio?”
“Leonardo DeCaprio,” Alexis cut in. “You got to watch the old movies. He’s cute as hell.”
Maxis smiled. “His great, great, granddaughter doesn’t look so bad herself,” he said.
“Okay enough about them,” Carlo said, looking around the platform. “Where the fuck is this theater at?”
The group did the same as Carlo and looked aroun d the platform. They saw nothing but a fueling station
and a bunch uniformed teenagers, about forty or so feet out to the left. Carlo approached the fueling station and the
rest followed. The fueling station’s front side was made up of a glass wall with t wo automatic glass doors in the
center. When they reached the fueling station the doors opened and the group stepped in. The drinks we re in
fridges along two converging walls. A isles of snacks made up the center of the store.