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Published: 1 month ago

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"Imagine an entire civilization falling from the sky." These are words spoken by Carlo Baryon, a nineteen year old that lives in the world of Quantum-59, where cities float in the sky. Motorized gliders and rocket-packs are a basic part of life, and the sea is a vast wasteland of unfathomable horrors and disease. Carlo wasn't enthusiastic about being on platform Arka that day with his four friends, but he decided to make the best of it. Carlo and his friends are having a good time. Then one of them is shot dead from an unseen weapon, and the others are forced into a fight they didn't ask for A fight that will determine the course of their lives, and possibly the future of the human race.

Brandy A Coffee Marks

Too descriptive without and real sense of story to draw in the reader. In other words, boring start and nothing to capture ones attention.


J. M. Barber

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