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Gathering Clouds

Gathering Clouds…
The Cloud Brothers
Book One
By James Field
Published by James Field at Smashwords
Copyright 2012 James Field
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Within the next few seconds Trevor will either experience a titanic swell of satisfaction – or die a
gruesome death.
Let this be understood before we go any further: Trevor Cloud is a genius. He is too modest to
admit it, and too engrossed in his experiments to even consider the possibility, but at the young
age of twenty-three he possesses more intelligence than any other person on planet Earth.
„I’m a coward and a fool,’ he muttered. „Press the key and get it over with.’
His finger hovered one centimetre above his laptop “enter” key, hanging there while he
gathered the nerve to jab. O ne simple jab and his creation would come alive; and nothing or
nobody would ever be able to turn it off or stop it – that is, if his calculations were correct.
The trouble is, if he had miscalculated, he would die.
„Come on,’ he said, „do it, you know it will work.’ His finger shook and sweat stung his eye.
One jab. Life or death. „Come on, do it.’
He knew it would work because he had made several miniature models.
Admittedly, the first model had remained dead; the next model had glowed white hot and
melted; the third model had exp loded leaving a huge crater in the ground and felled all trees
within a ten-metre radius; and the fourth model had wobbled clumsily in the air until it suddenly
shot off into the clear blue sky and headed for space, out of control and lost forever.
But the next model had worked. It had worked better than he ever dared hope for. The end
result of passionate university study and hundreds of thousands of pounds from his bank account.
A simple- looking object the size of an ostrich egg, connected by straightforward radio signal to
his laptop. It had floated in the air, manoeuvring perfectly; up, down, left, right, in any direction
he wanted; silent and effortless, like a soap bubble floating in a gentle breeze.
Not much to feel proud about, you might agree, yet it would only move according to his
command and nothing could budge it from the from the spot where he had stopped it in mid air,
CHAPTER 1 Egg Shape