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Fun craft projects

holes and tie in knots or bows, cut small scraps for patches, trim the feet off of children's socks and
fringe ankle ends for hats.
The Antique Look
This step is optional. Some of ours are antiqued, some are not. When the paint has dried completely,
brush on a layer of brown antiquing stain, ensuring that all cracks and crevices are filled. Immediately
wipe off with a dry rag. This will create an antiqued look. Notice how the brown stain remains darker
inside the little cracks and crevices giving it an aged look. Allow the stain to dry.
Finishing Touches
Tie scarf around neck, reinforce it with a bit of craft glue. Place the cuff of the children's sock on the
snowman's head (the end that is not painted!), glue brim in place. Trim the "top" of the hat but cutting
it in a fringe fashion. Tie a ribbon or piece of raffia around the fringed top and tighten. Fluff up the
fringe by pulling and adjusting the fringes with your fingers. Add buttons to hat and/or body, you can
also glue a small patch on the hat brim. You may also use material scraps to fashion a hat and glue a
pom pom on the top.