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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

From the Dreams of Morpheus

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Published: 5 years ago

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A collection of five short stories of science fiction and the supernatural. You'll journey from the tormented dreams of a prisoner on a distant planet, to a graveyard encounter unlike any other, to the mysterious suicide of an entire alien civilization, to a radio that receives whispers from the universe, to the most frightening airplane ride of your life. This is a collection best read at night!

Karen Collins

I'm not a surfer or hanglider, but they were the perfect vehicle for this multi-dimensional, telepathic love story.

dipanwita mukherjee

The short stories in this collection are varied in content. They make for interesting reading; within their very short scope, they give us a vivid picture of a world very different from ours, but definitely curiosity provoking! Any other short stories from the same writer?

Dave Young

A very good read.I knew from the first page of the preview I liked his style and would want to continue. Will look into his other works.

Anton Sorensen

All very good stories. I especially liked A Special hell, Hope Eternal and A Dawn Chorus.

Donna Watts

very well written and enjoyable to read

Vici D

A very good read. It was difficult to maintain a certain rhythm while reading because I contantly had to figure out what punctuation had been replaced by various symbols, but for all I know, that problem only exists in the free HTML version. Regardless, the stories were very well-written and interesting, and definitely worth reading. If only there were more than five...


Excellent! The stories are very original and well written. There is always a surprise at the end of each story. Unfortunately, there are only five of them.

catherine campbell

I've only read 3 of the stories so far but they're very good. Readable without being overly technical. I did notice quite a few editing errors though they didn't interfere overmuch with my enjoyment of the stories.


I loved these stories! They were a wonderful read. Now I'll have to look for more by this author.


Nicely written short stories, ideal for the short haul traveler.


Very original, especially the first. I thought it the best but truly enjoyed all of them


5 truly original stories. I enjoyed the first and 3rd stories in particular.

Tom Gaspick

Steven Ford's short stories are crisply written, engaging and satisfying; well worth a read. The third story in the book, "Until Their Promised Return", is absolutely gripping -- the reader is in the aircraft with the pilot and his passenger as they confront sheer terror.


Steven Ford

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