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From Site to Sight in Namibia

Namibian Journal
Anna, Shanti, Ludevine and one of the Sisters.
That is Anna’s story, but she did want to travel around Namibia after the
month of care-centre work and her friends unfortunately had to return to Europe
straight after. That’s where we came in. It seemed like a good idea for us to join her
out there as we had never been to Africa and she was enthusiastic about the country
and its people. The bonus was that our son George (23, easy-going, practical, clever (a
Masters in Engineering and always tinkering with cars), with a great sense of humour)
was able to join us at the last minute and, although he travelled to Namibia separately,
we were able to enjoy our, probably last, major holiday as a family before both
George and Anna went their independent ways. Anna was then a second year student
in Psychology at Bath and George had just completed his Mechanical Engineering
degree at Exeter and was waiting to join the Royal Navy. My name is Leonard (Len)
(61, I am told – organized, practical, well travelled, charming, enjoys planning and
always ‘doing’), I had been retired for about six months but kept myself fit by
weekend hiking of the Cornish Coastal Path with friends Chris and Simon (and our
chocolate Labrador, Whinnie (named derived from Dalwhinnie whisky), who starts