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Free Beer & Sex

Becoming the sort of male who excites lust is the key to success. Locating a lusting
female is all that remains. There is a common belief that foreign women are more
susceptible to amorous advances than the girls back home. Unless you come from
Saudi Arabia, Yemen and certain parts of the High Himalayas, I'd scrub that idea. If
you do come from the aforementioned places, bear in mind that girls who show a bit of
bare flesh above a bare knee are not trying to excite male passions . It's the way they
dress and normal; healthy males are not unduly excited by it.
A mate of mine got round the problem of finding lusting girls by letting the girls find
him. He's now gone to fat but was once slim, bearded and handsome . He was also a
diving instructor and an enthusiast for the sport of "après dive". He used to stay in a
private room at my hostel when he was not on the dive boats and usually had a
companion with him. As he said, it was a matter of numbers . About one woman in fifty
found him irresistible. There were so many girls enrolling in the dive courses, he could
forget about the remaining forty-nine.
The strategy worked well but had its down side. He began to tire of the sort of
female company he was keeping and developed a desire to settle down. Trouble was
his fame had spread too far. The sort of girls he wanted as lifelong companions found
him entertaining but spurned his advances. In the end, an older woman took him
under her wing. He left the diving industry and joined her in the antiques business.
2 Toy boy
It's not a role that would appeal to everyone and not all young guys are cut out
for it. Sufficient to say that a demand exists for the sort of company a younger
male can provide for an older female.
Strictly speaking, it's not a job but it does have many similarities. There is no formal
contract and remuneration comes in the form of financial support . Your companion
pays for your meals and accommodation and may even finance the odd plane trip. As
with mud wrestling, no work visa is required and you don't have to report gifts to the
tax office.
From time to time, we had a toy boy staying at our hostel. They were usually well-
spoken young men in their late teens. Most came from English speaking countries but
that's not a necessary requirement. Don't worry if you hardly speak the language. No
one is going to ask you to give English lessons. Other requirements are far more
Getting employed is largely a matter of chance . There are recruitment agencies
specialising in male escorts but the job description is different and the title is "gigolo".
Gigolos are experienced professionals who provide a service. Toy boys are
inexperienced amateurs who receive one.
Most of our toy boys were Australian but a spattering came from the UK and
Canada. The typical candidate was bronzed, athletic and unworldly. They gave the
impression of having lived a life of total innocence until picked up by a thirty-plus lady
from the other side of the world. The term to describe her male equivalent is sugar