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Free Beer & Sex

it up with the Chinese authorities. They were too humiliated and
embarrassed to report it to the American consulate.
9 Love Hotels
Other countries have rooms for rent by the hour. Japan does it to
extremes. Lovers don’t have to worry about hidden cameras. The
cameras in love hotels are clearly visible and operated by handsets.
You can record your memorable moments for posterity.
Let‟s suppose you are a student living with mum and dad in a posh part of
Nara West. It‟s most unlikely that your socially conscious parents will
approve of you taking a girl back to your room. The neighbours might get to
hear about it and that could lead to all sorts of malicious gossip.
The fleshpots of wicked Osaka are just down the road. They‟re half-an-hour
away on the train. You and your beloved can nip down for a harmless get
together and be back before anyone knows you‟ve gone.
You arrive in Osaka and head for the hotel district. There are business
hotels, tourist hotels and the sort of hotel you are looking for. You fancy a
place that is themed with Dungeons and Dragons but your companion turns
it down, saying a friend of hers had some very bad experiences there.
Pirates of the Caribbean is your next choice but she doesn‟t fancy making
love in the rigging of a fake galleon. Her preference is for a place across the
You enter through a side door and are relieved to discover that the lighting is
dimmed and there is no reception desk. A mechanical voice greets you and
a flashing machine asks for your credit card. The prices are a bit s teep and
you wonder if you can get a loan from your father. You could say you need
it to buy books. At any rate, you are not going to bail out now. You are with
the hottest chick in town and there‟s no turning back.
Your companion points to a picture of a 1950s car. The price is mid-range
and you hastily prod the picture before her fancy turns to something more
expensive. The picture fades and a message appears saying you have