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For Seeing Eye Dogs Only

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Published: 6 years ago

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A 2007 Foreword Magazine Finalist, this book was described as hysterical by many. Others thought it so funny, that they laughed body parts off. It is about the dumb things that people say and do, or more precisely, missing intelligence. If you liked "Wake Up-It's Time for Your Sleeping Pill", this FREE, ready-for-download e-book is its predecessor.

Sajeewa Wickremasinghe

Thank you very much. This bok is a kind of humorous book. Good, my congrats for you to publish more and more of these good books..


The contents of this book are reprints of old, and I mean old, anecdotes I recall reading years ago in such things as Reader's Digest. The author made and attempt at adding his own humor which, in my opinion, bombed out. Only a half dozen quips not heard about before...only 1 giggle.

B Safronovitz

The most wonderfully funny book I have read since my beloved PG Wodehouse! Thank you

k krieger

We not only get a taste of real trivia, but also amusing anecdotes and bits of useful information.

Amanda Curits-Wilson

Enjoyed this - lots to laugh at and a great holiday read. A heavy American bias so it could be easy to feel that only in America could people be so dumb, but we all know that's not the case!

Julia de Araujo

Useless information, already know government misappropriation of funds for necessary details I'll google it!

Denise Nye-Ward

Great observations and what a realistist. Would like tickets for your comedy routine.

Emiliya Veitch

Another very funny book by Swiatek. I love it but it's no wonder got so many dislikes - he makes fun of Americans mainly, they can't take a joke about themselves. Keep up the good work!

sure made me laugh!


Pure and unadulterated drivel!! Read this book if you want to be irritated........ Utter rubbish!!

john ogilvie

Absolutely pathetic. infantile, simplistic attempts to find irony (quite often where none exists). possibly the most pointless 15 minutes of my life, trying to find something interesting in this text... appalling.


I didn't get through 5 pages. It was one unfunny paragraph after another.


It seemed rather..... dry..... and whats the word I'm looking for??? BORING


I have ready almost all of these stories in other books. I only had one good laugh.

Eve Mack

Absolutely hilarious. I have Laughed so much tears are running down mt face. Pithy wit and so true as people, including myself, can be so stupid at times.


Interesting and comical. I enjoyed every page. Thanks for the laughter.


Robert S. Swiatek

How do I change the wallpaper on my PC so I can have paneling? If I live near the top of a mountain, can I still download music?

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