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For Better or Curse

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Published: 1 year ago

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When her fiancé abandons her the night before their wedding, Manda Love learns it’s because of a curse that was placed on her mother by an Obeah woman decades earlier. The Obeah woman declared that she would have two daughters - one would die before age 35 while the second daughter would live a miserable life, then die alone. Now Manda is 33 and her sister Sierra’s 35th birthday is fast approaching. Manda goes to Sierra in New York City where she soon finds herself caught between battling her own demons and the increasing threats to her sister’s life. But will she be able to stop the dark destiny in time that threatens to destroy them both?


Alexis Jacobs

Alexis Jacobs is a New York City author who was born in England of West Indian parentage, and raised mainly in Canada. She also heads the NYC Writers Circle.

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