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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Extraordinary Part 1

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Published: 2 years ago

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Cassandra Stone has always believed herself to be very ordinary. That is, until she meets Alex Grayson. Unusual events open up an incredible world to her. A world that she never knew existed. A world filled with creatures that she thought were the stuff of myth and imagination. A magical - and sometimes frightening - world where many have fought for centuries to protect a secret that is bigger than anything Cassie knows. As Cassie discovers more about the world that Alex resides in, she also discovers that she is more important to his family - and his magical world - than she could have ever dreamed. This is the story of how an ordinary girl discovers that her destiny is written in the stars - and that she is destined to be... Extraordinary!

there is a lot of possibility in this story. it has a big world to develop and it takes time to get into the swing and push of the plot. There is a lot of romance style in this, but it might take off as the next X-men. what would anyone do with invisibility, or levitation.? you just have to reimagine the world as it comes to you. Keep your head above water there's lots of action ahead for this story.


This book disappointed. Asterwyn has good ideas, with a new take on old favorites. However:- characters are bland and undifferentiated- the drama promised by the ideas didn't eventuateI recommend Asterwyn concentrate on salvaging Extraordinary Pt 1, before wasting her time on Pt 2.

Jonathan Vetarbo

I like it.....looking forward to the next....any expected release date for the next book?


Evie Asterwyn

I'm 30 years old and live in New Zealand. I'm a writer who has self-published one book, and have 3 more on the way (in editing). I plan to continue my series The Star Kin Chronicles and hopefully self-publish all of them :)

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