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Exercise Makes You Fat - Synopsis

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Published: 7 months ago

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Author: Russell Eaton

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There is an almost universal belief that exercise helps you lose surplus body weight. In this synopsis of a truly groundbreaking book this myth is exploded once and for all. Medical science is at last realizing that exercise greatly increases your propensity to accumulate surplus body fat during your life. You will discover how we have all been brainwashed into believing that to lose weight and be slim you must do exercise. You will also discover that in fact by not doing exercise you will find it much easier and quicker to lose weight - and your health will improve dramatically. This is a must read for anybody interested in protecting their good health, regardless of your weight and regardless of whether or not you do the exercise.


Russell Eaton

Russell Eaton was born in London, England, but has lived for many years in Ecuador, South America. Widely travelled and a best-selling author, he has written books mainly on health, nutrition, travel, and well-being topics. Russell Eaton enjoys keeping fit and is old enough to think that policemen look young. With a wide range of interests and a willingness to always learn new things, he continues to write on anything that he thinks will genuinely help people have a better life.

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