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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks


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Published: 3 years ago

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Orphenn is an orphan, and he was beginning to think that that was all he would ever be. So when a strange woman who calls herself his sister spirits him away and hurls him into another universe, he feels absolutely overwhelmed. Family, friends, and allies await him there—three things that were beyond an orphan’s wildest dreams. Only afterward does he find the truth about his family: that his twin sisters began as triplets, and that the third sister, who murdered their parents, was leading a comeback to conquer the world of Aleida. With their squadron, the White Herons, and Aleida’s mutant army, Orphenn and his companions must overcome his sister’s conquest and destroy her nation. But how can they destroy their own sibling?

Anne Zinnack

I liked it a lot , good read , enjoyed it Thanks

Anne Zinnack

A great read :D lots of drama & action & emotion :D

Kirsten-Jessica Miller

Very interesting story and engaging writing style. It needs to be proof read and edited but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jason Clement

Writing is to disjointed and lacks flow. Interesting concept though.


Good attempt, but needs some serious rewriting/editing.

aaron weeks

very enjoyable read, quick story but I felt like I knew some of the characters very well, plus I am a twin!!


Alex Hughes

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