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Endless Journey Beyond

Life still goes on
When I met you, I was lost for words,
But life didn’t stop there,
I could only see you,
There was nothing else that I could care.
Didn’t know how I’d tell you,
Went around, just, to get a glimpse of you,
There wasn’t much about you that I knew,
But life didn’t stop there.
I wished I could hold you tight in my arms,
Wished I could woo you with my lucky charms,
Yet I knew I couldn’t, because life isn’t fair,
But life didn’t stop there.
I went there, came there to you,
Just wished you knew how I felt: lost between black and blue.
I stepped up to you but you stared mum to my face,
But life didn’t stop there.
The other day, I finally said to myself,
I got to talk to you, and got the suit from my wooden shelf.
You saw me, yet unnoticed, you looked at everything, except me like you didn’t care,
But life didn’t stop there,