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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Cassie Beattie

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A simple country girls, goes to the big city to find fame and instead finds love

Books lover

Although the story was excited at the beginning,it started to be boring from the middle of it. That's did not mean that you should not read it, no just try and maybe it will gain your admire.


a wonderful captivating simple read. pity the american spelling had to occur, but it was still a quick novella to read in a night


Every writer makes some grammatical mistakes, which is fine and understandle if your writting for a long writting period of time.You see the story, keep reading , hard to differentiate mistakes-understandle. It had a lot of run on sentences mostly. But, the story seemed amateurish regardless, a lack of dialogue.NO DIALOGUE WHATSOEVER. It was odd. And the writting mostly composed of telling the story, not really showing. EX: he was exited. He was happy. More plain and boring rather then writting something more visually appealing. Such as,he had a huge grin on his smug face. I found it hard to read past the first 10 pages. I stopped at 19. The story bored me to- not my cup of tea. But, I hope that this writer continues to write, regardless of my comment and improve so that I may give a better review. So thanks for the story keep writting


Cassie Beattie

I write as a hobby, I never really intended to publish my work but I let a friend read some of my work and she really encouraged me to share it. I don't profess to be a writer, I have a day job, a husband and plenty of things to keep me busy, but writing is something I do in my spare time, I would rather write than watch TV! I tell people I write trashy romances and that is really what they are, they are influenced by the books I like to read. All of my characters are works of fiction, I dont base them on any one I know but an amalgamation of people I know and love! No none of them are my husband! if you would like to read some of my other short stories, you can find them at obooko!

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