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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks


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Published: 11 months ago

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Set in the year 2032 six years after the apocalyptic occurrence called the Devastation, North America has changed. A city that had crumbled is now home to Citan survivors. The forests are no longer silent as Woodlanders live their new lives within the confines of the massive trees. These new clans produce food and a new way of life. Their societies are no longer reminiscent of the Regime, an oppressive government that ruled with severity and injustice. But their Eutopia is unexpectedly threatened and harmony is destroyed as tyranny arises. Filled with action, emotion and beasts scientifically created by the Regime, Elanclose progresses along at steady pace with twists and turns to keep you on edge. An adventure filled with excitement the reader experiences life through maturing characters.


Krystyna Faroe

Krystyna writes travel reviews, juvenile novels and plays. Brushing up on her technological skills is another of her interests. Krystyna has written children's books and articles for informational websites. Her articles are on sites in the United Kingdom and the United States. Her new adult science fiction/fantasy series of "Elanclose", "Aqueous Passage" and "Travertine" introduce her parviscient protagonist characters, and Kisin the antagonist who not unlike the Kisin god displays ruthlessness. Through character development the clan members change and so does the readers experience as they go through the same emotional turmoil. "Elanclose" is creative and takes the reader far away from the everyday.

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