say what we may do. There are so many things which may happen, and their
ways and their ends are so various that until the moment we may not say. We
shall all be armed, in all ways. And when the time for the end has come, our
effort shall not be lack. Now let us today put all our affairs in order. Let all things
which touch on others dear to us, and who on us depend, be complete. For none
of us can tell what, or when, or how, the end may be. As for me, my own affairs
are regulate, and as I have nothing else to do, I shall go make arrangements for
the travel. I shall have all tickets and so forth for our journey."
There was nothing further to be said, and we parted. I shall now settle up all my
affairs of earth, and be ready for whatever may come.
Later.--It is done. My will is made, and all complete. Mina if she survive is my
sole heir. If it should not be so, then the others who have been so good to us
shall have remainder.
It is now drawing towards the sunset. Mina's uneasiness calls my attention to it. I
am sure that there is something on her mind which the time of exact sunset will
reveal. These occasions are becoming harrowing times for us all. For each
sunrise and sunset opens up some new danger, some new pain, which however,
may in God's will be means to a good end. I write all these things in the diary
since my darling must not hear them now. But if it may be that she can see them
again, they shall be ready. She is calling to me.