may be! I shall try to think as she does. We have never spoken to each other yet
of the future. It is better to wait till we see the Professor and the others after their
The day is running by more quickly than I ever thought a day could run for me
again. It is now three o'clock.
5 October, 5 P.M.--Our meeting for report. Present: Professor Van Helsing, Lord
Godalming, Dr. Seward, Mr. Quincey Morris, Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker.
Dr. Van Helsing described what steps were taken during the day to discover on
what boat and whither bound Count Dracula made his escape.
"As I knew that he wanted to get back to Transylvania, I felt sure that he must go
by the Danube mouth, or by somewhere in the Black Sea, since by that way he
come. It was a dreary blank that was before us. Omme Ignotum pro magnifico.
And so with heavy hearts we start to find what ships leave for the Black Sea last
night. He was in sailing ship, since Madam Mina tell of sails being set. These not
so important as to go in your list of the shipping in the Times, and so we go, by
suggestion of Lord Godalming, to your Lloyd's, where are note of all ships that
sail, however so small. There we find that only one Black Sea bound ship go out
with the tide. She is the Czarina Catherine, and she sail from Doolittle's Wharf for
Varna, and thence to other ports and up the Danube. `So!' said I, `this is the ship
whereon is the Count.' So off we go to Doolittle's Wharf, and there we find a man
in an office. From him we inquire o f the goings of the Czarina Catherine. He
swear much, and he red face and loud of voice, but he good fellow all the same.
And when Quincey give him something from his pocket which crackle as he roll it
up, and put it in a so small bag which he have hid deep in his clothing, he still
better fellow and humble servant to us. He come with us, and ask many men who
are rough and hot. These be better fellows too when they have been no more
thirsty. They say much of blood and bloom, and of others which I comprehend
not, though I guess what they mean. But nevertheless they tell us all things which
we want to know.
"They make known to us among them, how last afternoon at about five o'clock
comes a man so hurry. A tall man, thin and pale, with high nose and teeth so
white, and eyes that seem to be burning. That he be all in black, except that he
have a hat of straw which suit not him or the time. That he scatter his money in
making quick inquiry as to what ship sails for the Black Sea and for where. Some
took him to the office and then to the ship, where he will not go aboard but halt at
shore end of gangplank, and ask that the captain come to him. The captain
come, when told that he will be pay well, and though he swear much at the first
he agree to term. Then the thin man go and some one tell him where horse and
cart can be hired. He go there and soon he come again, himself driving cart on
which a great box. This he himself lift down, though it take several to put it on
truck for the ship. He give much talk to captain as to how and where his box is to
be place. But the captain like it not and swear at him in many tongues, and tell
him that if he like he can come and see where it shall be. But he say `no,' that he
come not yet, for that he have much to do. Whereupon the captain tell him that
he had better be quick, with blood, for that his ship will leave the place, of blood,