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Dowsing the Lottery

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Published: 5 years ago

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Do you believe in psychic ability? Have you ever had a gut feeling about something that turned out to be true? Do you feel that you have a sixth sense about you? What if I told you that the same mechanism that gives us those sporadic yet definitive abilities can also help us pick winning lottery numbers? Psychics have a natural ability to do things with that energy, and so can you by following this guide. It is FREE, and ready for download now!


It was excellent! I truly believe in dowsing and not just for lotteries....we have done dowsing for finding water on our property, and dowsing for lost items on the truly works and with the lotteries, well we have hit on more winning numbers than ever before and we will keep using this method til we hit the big one! thanks again for a well written book!!


Gene Morris

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