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Don't Screw Up Your Dog - Avoid the Top 12 Mistakes Dog Parent's Make

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Published: 4 years ago

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One of these little mistakes cost a dog parent well over $5,000... So many of my clients come to me with serious dog behavior and health issues, I decided to write the book on the most common mistakes people make with their dogs. Most of the problems people have with their dogs come from these 12 most common - and very costly - mistakes. Once you know what they are, you can easily avoid making them, and save you and your dog a whole lot of heartache. Does your furrkid ever embarrass you, make you sad or frustrate you? They're sending out SOS signals every day when they're in distress, feeling blue, are in pain or have something they need to tell you. Treat yourself and your dog to my insider secrets!

Shelli Rae Liedl

Easy reading helpful to a degree, I felt a bit to much referral to other resources which....Web page unavailable frequent finding. Still I read I learned and am grateful. God Bless you and yours..

paul and karen

I believe this whole book is one long advertisement for the author and her associates. Promised much but delivered little.

Kolina Akamai

Loved all the info and pictures in this fabulous, informative ebook!

Jean Beardsall

the book itself is quite useful to dog owners. Unfortunately it appears that the editing and spelling is absolutely consistently awful.

Val Heart

What a cool book! I learned so much, had no idea what I was doing wrong with Rusty, but there's a new MOM in the house! Woof!


Val Heart

Val Heart is world renowned as a Pet Problem Solving Specialist. Val works with celebrities and animal lovers around the world who want to improve health & solve behavior/performance issues. Learn more at

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