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that are exposing and de-compartmentalising the global system of control and its infringement on
human freedom.
Time For A Reality Check
Let’s examine this a bit closer to home. We just need to look at our daily
newspapers and television broadcasts or the values of our local business
school. Our mainstream program tells us that everywhere we are helpless and
victimised by forces beyond our control. That the world is a harsh, cruel place
of limited resources for which we must compete, that our bodies are
vulnerable and unable to protect themselves against disease, that humanity is
chaotic and sinful and human nature cannot be trusted. Through constant
repetition we are trained to believe that there is never “enough” and we must always need more, and
that we are never enough... Not pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough, fast enough, powerful
enough, wealthy enough or good enough – no wonder society is frustrated.
We are taught, just as our parents were, that all that we are is what exists between the top of our heads
and our toes. All this time we have been trained to doubt the self, fear the self, punish the self and to
place our trust in the authorities and experts outside of ourselves. A paradox exists in that we are taught
to yearn for power yet to question our ability to handle it wisely. Emotion is a power which is inherently
ours so for that reason we are taught to negate, fear, devalue, disown and discredit intuitive perception
and knowledge. Hmmm... does it sound like our mainstream institutions are designed to help us to
become empowered or free. This programming has led us to the situation where the majority believe
that what is on the outside is more important than what is on the inside. We are continually encouraged
to distract ourselves with the “more important” external aspects of reality.
Are we encouraged by our mainstream program to look within for answers, to discover our own innate
power to create change in our lives or to spend time exploring the great phenomenon that exists
between our ears?! The average person is too busy, overburdened or distracted to take time to explore
the self; everything else seems “more important”. And many are far too intellectually smug to admit the
self is a great unknown and too frightened to approach the concept with an open mind.
If you reminisce to your school days, you’ll recognise that you were trained to accept the perceptions of
others as being more valid than your own and to appease at all costs. I am of the belief that our
mainstream schools were designed to squelch creativity and personal identity to create “good little
students” who obey their teachers and follow the rules. Then we enter an economic structure that
further programs us to obey the authorities, work for others and allow them to benefit in unfair
proportions from the investments of our energies and labour. Basically we are taught that in order to
survive, we must either please others at all costs (because they hold our power) or fight our way
through the system to make it (and forcibly reclaim our power).
Sacrifice the self, serve others, work hard, make more, buy more... compete, push produce.
When it’s all spelt out like this, it seems like utter madness doesn’t it? Yet, these are the hidden belief
programs we are encouraged to adopt from cradle to grave. We have even been programmed to create
disease in the body and only in recent years have people come out to tell us that we have the power to
change the program and make better, healthier idea choices (Big Pharma is on its way to being a trillion
dollar industry and its profits depend on our sickness and disease). Why has no one within the
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