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Diary of a Serial Killer

Patterson Wright Literary Agents.
To Whom It May Concern:
Our client approached us with this manuscript and urged us to read
it. We did so and believe it to be genuine. It is an autobiographical
account of twelve murders which took place in Sydney during 2007. The
murders are a matter of public record.
Although our client submitted the manuscript and claims all
royalties until such time as the original author comes forward, he had no
involvement in the murders. The manuscript came to him in a computer
of dubious origin, possibly stolen. It eventually wound up in our client’s
possession after passing through a number of hands. This was due to
the password protection and encryption rendering the computer useless
to most users.
However, our client has some skills in that area and managed to
access the files in the computer. Realizing what he had discovered, he
copied the information from the hard drive and handed the computer to
the police, who have subsequently cleared our client of any involvement
in the murders.
We are of the opinion that this manuscript, written by the
perpetrator of the murders, should be made available to the general
public even though the content is of a disturbing and graphic nature.
However, the pictures that were submitted with the manuscript will not
be released.
Yours faithfully,
William E. Wright