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Design Your Own Website with WordPress

Part 2: Making a Complete Backup before New Theme Activation
Backups are essential! Do this once in a while, not once in a blue moon. The more frequent the better. Imagine your blog
gets 100 comments a day; you forget to backup and next week the website crash. All is lost! A full week worth of
comments just lost. This is just an example, but unfortunately these things do happen.
What to Backup & Save?
Two things need to be done for a normal WordPress Site:
? Copy the folder ‘www’ with all the contents therein; and
? Make a backup of the database used for the website. (phpMyAdmin)
Do the following:
First, Log Out of WordPress so that no data can be written to the database for now.
Click on the green “W” in the system tray and select phpMyAdmin:
When this window opens, select the database you created for this website. (When you have multiple sites and you can’t
remember which database it is, check out the chapter about Databases.)
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