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Design Your Own Website with WordPress

Choose a Theme of Your Choice and Start Designing (Assemble)
That brings you to the last part of the design process, how do I install a WordPress theme of my own choice?
Important Note: As long as you keep to the rules like not selling, distributing or using code or selling code that is used
within the theme, you can use it as long as you want. You bought it! Now use it!
For the exercise, a theme will be used that was previously downloaded as a free file. The file will be used for the first
time. Once installed, default settings will be kept and only the necessary will be assembled for the website to get shape.
As mentioned earlier, you do not need any technical skills like HTML, PHP or even CSS. You will only need content for
the website. There’s no need to fuzz about what to design or how to design, just pick a theme of your choice and start
Part 1: Moving the Theme for Installation
How does the market place work?
When choosing a new theme from Envato you will go through a process of registering and confirming etc., just like any
other online marketplace. After payment, you will be able to download the file from within your account. This will not
be shown here but it’s pretty straight forward procedures.
The file that needs to be downloaded will be a .zip folder. Within that folder, the files should look something like this:
The Help files – Most themes are well documented for support.
Single License file. Please read and be Safe. Keep your side clean and all will be well.
The extracted WordPress files folder.
Novatorix HTML:
HTML version of the website.
Photoshop file with a layout of the website.
WordPress Theme – The Actual Theme that will be used.
The set of basic files above including
the License will accompany the .zip file
that you will download from the
marketplace. The file will be in .zip
format. That means it is compressed
and needs to be uncompressed to view
the files within.
Uncompressing the file:
The original filename is very long and
will probably give errors when trying to
extract. If you encounter extraction
errors, just rename the file to a short
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