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Design Your Own Website with WordPress

Settings will be different for every user. If you can’t find the green
WAMP Server it either means WAMP is not running or the icon is
hidden within the desktop tray.
With every PC restart WAMP will be shutdown. Run the shortcut on the
desktop to start WAMP again. While starting the green “W” icon will
appear within the system tray ready for access.
As per default settings everything should be OK.
You do not need to put it online.
Three (3) menu items will be used:
localhost – Viewing Your Website
phpMyAdmin – Databases Access
www directory – Root Access to WordPress Files
Use this to view your website and to log-in to the Back-End.
Use this to create|edit|delete databases.
Later on while moving the website online, this will be
used to make a backup of your database as well as
making changes to a database or database table.
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