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Design Your Own Website with WordPress

Changing the Posts and Pages!
The following post and pages were made for you. It’s only for layout, viewing & informational purposes.
Home Page
We all know what they say about first impressions… The homepage (front page of your website) is where you and your
company get to make a first impression. It's the first place new visitors come and where old visitors come back. You
must cater for both types of customers. There are a few things that are important to your homepage:
Navigation is the most important part of your homepage. It doesn't matter what else is on your site, if the visitors can't
get there. On your homepage your visitors need to be able to reach every part of your website. Your links on your
navigation bars should be the same on every page. Your visitor will then know how to get back to whatever page really
interested him. When users cannot find what they want, they simply look at another site. Your links on the navigation
bars should also be simple (one or two words) but descriptive.
Branding is another essential element for you homepage. To promote your business, your small business has a logo and
it's pasted on everything you can find. Well, it should be posted in a predominant place on your website too. We all
know that branding is words or a mark of a company (logo) that shows the consumer the identity of the producer of the
product/service. Showing your logo on your homepage reminds users exactly where they are.
Last but not least is content. Content is also very important. You must remember to write your content like you are
speaking to your visitor as it creates a better connection between your website and the visitor. Your homepage content
must be fresh and interesting to make them want to read more of your site. Also, include briefly or thoroughly exactly
what you or your company does. You’ll be amazed how many websites you have to search to find out what their
purpose is.
These things should get you started on building your homepage. The homepage does not need to be flashy with all
types of images and flash designs. Visitors like websites when they are simple and easy to understand. You must
remember who your audience is; therefore you need to speak in their language.
Blog Page!
A blog may be essentially an online journal displayed in reverse chronological order but it is also a website which
requires the same attention to detail than any other website requires. It also requires the same design elements as a
regular website which does not function as a blog. Bloggers have decisions to make regarding design elements of the
blog such as colors and layout, fonts and the inclusion of advertisements. Although many blog software programs
provide a variety of templates which make designing a blog rather simple, blogs can also be highly customized by
bloggers who possess some web design skills.
Colors and Layouts of a Blog
The colors and layout of a blog is one of the most obvious design considerations bloggers must consider when starting
or re-designing their blog. Bloggers may use a solid color background, blocks of different colors in the background or
pictures or textures in the background. These background elements can be any color imaginable. However, bloggers
who are considering the colors to use in their blog should consider using colors which will be appealing to most blog
visitors. This is important because the use of bright colors which are harsh on the eye can result in diminished blog
The layout of the blog should also carefully be considered by the blogger. The blog should be arranged in a fashion
which is interesting to blog visitors, suits the subject of the blog and is presented in a logical manner which is easy for
visitors to follow. This is important because failure to use a layout which meets these criteria may result in blog visitors
choosing not to visit the blog anymore because the layout is confusing or unappealing.
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