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Design Your Own Website with WordPress

Index Your Website!
What is the use of a good website if nobody can find it! The easiest way of making your website get indexed is by using
Google Webmaster Tools. It’s a free service unlike Google AdWords. Whilst AdWords is a great resource, it will not be
covered here. Please note that only Google index will be covered and not Bing. You can find external links on the XML
plugin page for more information.
When indexing, please note that this takes time. You are also not guaranteed that all of your pages will be indexed!
Sometimes indexing takes a month or up to 3 months, or even longer. Many elements are considered. But for the lesson,
you will be shown the easiest way for indexing, fingers crossed.
What needs to be done:
? Create a .xml Sitemap
? Create an Google Webmaster Tools Account
? Sumbit the.xml sitemap to Google.
Create an .xml Sitemap
First, you need to create a sitemap for the website. This is a list of the pages/post of your website that can be crawled by
Google Bots. With the help of the Google XML Sitemap plugin, the sitemap will be created for you.
To display the XML Sitemap, simply enter the domain URL address followed by /sitemap.xml
Do the following: Go to Plugins/Add New:
Search for the following keywords: google XML sitemaps
Install and Activate the Plugin. After activation, the plugin will be found at the Settings Page.
Go to: Settings/XML-Sitemap:
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