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Design Your Own Website with WordPress

Create a database with MySQL Database Wizard & Update wp-config.php
You already edited the wp-config.php file so that the file points to the database of the website - online. Now, create a
database with the same name as the offline version, except this time; enter a username and password as well. Going
through this process, you will be prompted to choose user privileges at the end.
Do the following: Within cPanel, go to: MySQL®Database Wizard and click to enter.
The following window will appear: Enter the database name and select Next Step.
Important!: Read the following:
When creating a database online, cPanel will automatically create text (h3m3wwd1_) in front of the database name &
username. This text (h3m3wwd1_) will be different from every website you will do. Most times, parts of the server name
or the domain name will be used. This must be correctly entered into the wp-config.php file as well otherwise the
reference between the database and WordPress website will not correspond. Simply open the wp-config.php file and
amend the changes. A sample of the wp-config.php file will be shown at the end of these processes.
In the next step, you must enter the database username and password: Again, for the username cPanel will need you to
enter?_ in front of the username within the wp-config.php file. Make sure to save all information to your text file.
Do the following:
Create a database Username and create a
Password. You can generate a password as well,
make sure to save the information to your text
Click “Create User” when finished.
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