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Design Your Own Website with WordPress

Choosing a Web Host for Your Website
The website is finished and you want to upload it to a webhost. With many to choose from, please consider that for the
lesson only a webhost with cPanel will be used. It’s easy to work with and gives you a lot of direct control! Just like
working with files and folders, cPanel can be used the same way. cPanel is recommended though! You can read more
about cPanel by going to the cPanel Website.
The Hosting Plan
In order for WordPress to work, you will need:
? Disk Space on the web (internet webhost)
? Sql database
A lot of internet companies are choosing cPanel these days. Here’s a very popular webhost that will suit all your needs. If
you are not happy with them, you may choose any host of your choice; just remember that you will need a .sql database
function for WordPress.
(Do you like saving money, buy webhosting for a full year (12months). Webhost providers have many great deals when
choosing annually and not monthly.)
Click on the picture below to decide if you want to sign-up with DreamHost.
DreamHost gives you:
? Unlimited Disk Space
? Unlimited Bandwidth
? cPanel
? Database
? 24/7 Support
? Plus Much More…
When you create an account, you must complete two tasks in order for a website to have a home on the internet.
You must register a domain name. This is the website address :
You must obtain webhosting (disk space) for the website files to be hosted.
Registering a Domain Name:
The domain name is the name of the website. Choose carefully and try to keep with what your website is about. Try
choosing a domain name that reflects the keywords you will use within you site etc.
A domain name comes in a variety of choices, and the price differs as well: Make sure before you sign-up that you are
happy with the extension of the domain name. Here’s a list of a few domain extensions you can choose:
Domain Name Extensions (samples):
101 | P a g e