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Delusions and Madness of Crowds

Abraham, Noah, and Moses said to have been
alchymists, i. 95, 114.
Acre besieged in the Third Crusade, ii. 69;
its surrender to the Christians, 71.
Addison’s account of a Rosicrucian, i. 177;
his opinion on duelling, ii. 281.
Agricola, George, the alchymist, memoir of, i. 145.
Agrippa, Cornelius, memoir, and portrait of, i. 138;
his power of raising the dead and the absent, 142.
Aislabie, Mr., Chancellor of the Exchequer, his
participation in the South-Sea fraud, i. 73, 78;
rejoicings on his committal to the Tower, 79.
Alain Delisle. (See Delisle.)
Albertus Magnus, his studies in alchymy, i. 99;
portrait of, 100;
his animated brazen statue destroyed by Thomas
Aquinas, 100;
his power to change the course of the seasons, 101.
Alchymists, the, or Searches for the Philosopher’s Stone
and the Water of Life, i. 94-220;
natural origin of the study of Alchymy, its
connexion with astrology, &c., i. 94;
alleged antiquity of the study, 95;
its early history, 96;
Memoirs of Geber, 96;
Alfarabi, 97;
Avicenna, 98;
Albertus Magnus, with portrait, Thomas Aquinas,
Artephius, 102;